05 October 2010

The Grand Legrand

Last weekend I had the pleasure of having my life frosted with a sweet and dreamy trip to La-La land, more commonly referred to as Los Angeles.  The stars were blazing like rebel diamonds cut out from the Hollywood Walk of Fame (thanks, Brandon) and during the day the sun blazed, too. No, seriously, on Sunday it hit a record 113 degrees.  

More importanly, the weekend ended with the reason why it even began in the first place: Vampire Weekend playing at the Hollywood Bowl, with the pro-makeout band Beach House opening. Victoria Legrand takes care of vocals in a beautiful set of melodies and musical arrangement that has kept me listening to their latest album Teen Dream on repeat for quite some time now.  Although I always gave credit to her voice as being the bullet train headed straight for one's heart, that night her performance convinced me that it is Ms. Legrand herself acting as the force.  She'll haunt you, hypnotize you...and have you convinced it's a good idea to air-dry your curly/frizzy hair and wear shaggy bangs that hide your eyes to the outside world. Even if you work under fluorescent lighting.

Vampire Weekend gave a lovely performance to the largest crowd they had apparently ever played to.  I usually don't like to go to stadium shows but for this lineup I made an exception and turned my musical nose downwards. If you don't know much about the band, here's a little bio:

Ezra Koenig (vocals, guitar): - perpetuator of girls fantasies to marry diplomats, intentionally un-self aware, godhead to female groupies of child bearing age (that ranges from age 11-37 depending on where you live and what's in the water), pupil stimulator, "smart and cute and smart and cute...and  omg he's so smart and so cute!", keeps Cupid in business by saying things like "I like this song. It's really fragrant."

Rostam Batmanglij (keyboards, vocals): our favorite un-Iranian-American under the age of 26 who is ok with wearing a rainbow, rocks his Baba Joon's sweater in the summer heat, makes use of the proverbial Persian "classical piano training" we were all subjected to and is actually making music rather than entertaining relatives he doesn't really like that much

Chris.... (drums): somewhat cute and entertaining enough to make you think twice about dismissing the New Jersey fist pump

Chris....(bass): I don't care about him. And I'm pretty sure he doesn't care about me.

The night was magical and in the words of Ms. Legrand herself, "Hollywood is magic."

She may think it's magic, but I sure think it's grand.

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  1. beautiful love letter to the city of angels, the band of our dreams, and the woman of the twentyfirst century. rock on and adapt to the heart <3