03 April 2011

Things That Make You Say....

Something so small as this little anchor tattoo can evoke such a strong desire to deface my own flesh with such.  Maybe it's the combination of it being Sunday today, Kate's freshly cut fringe, the sunlit backdrop, the Dior sponsor, the pale gold color palette and a light-handed cat-eye.... I say not "hmmmm", rather, "I WANT".

What do you think?  Now, I've done some thinking and here are my resolved concerns:

It's certainly small and nondescript enough to pass off as a God-given tattoo, especially if you wave your hands around enough to distract the accuser of your non-existent existent body art.  

You could take engagement and wedding photos without exposing it.  

Your future in-laws (currently a figment of your mind's eye) would not be able to judge you for it at least until you're a good three years into the marriage and by that time you've probably already won them over. 

It does not violate the professional dress code one is supposed to maintain between the hours of 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday and select Saturdays.  

My last concern may, however, remain unresolved and to that I can only defer to the great Madge: Papa don't preach.  

That's right, I've made up my mind....


  1. Alright. I am 100% behind this. I love it. I want one too!! So when is this going down? I will jump for joy all the day when I find out when it's happening...

  2. I love this one!! and i found the perfect picture of it on your blog, am planning on getting it done around May!

    PS- I love your blog :)