21 May 2011

The Coachella Effect

So, enough about tattoos (for now, at least- I'm still getting one) but I wanted to share with you another life-changing experience that doesn't involve reading books on food/agriculture/environment or Rapture.  Last month, I made the pilgrimage to Indio, California for the hipster event of the year for all that's relevant and irreverent, self-consciously un-self aware, and packs more fedoras and indian feathers in one polo field than any Urban Outfitters global outreach program could provide.  Coachella, you stole my heart.

It was everything I imagined and more.  The moment I arrived I knew there was no where else in the world I could possibly be every year on April 14 other than here.  Barefoot? sure.  Dance to no music?  why not.  Did you know that you can levitate by just listening to a beautiful and heart-stopping set by Arcade Fire?  I didn't think it was possible, but it is.  In more good news, I found out there are a list of other things that you can experience while being sober and simply being immersed in the musical and ethereal surroundings.  You can:

1) get high
2) have an orgasm
3) meet your maker
4) stay focused (sans amphetamines)
5) learn spanish, french, or russian (depending on where you're standing in the crowd)

Coachella.  It's more age-defying, detoxifying, and anti-depressive than any amount of omega-3's, B12's, or worts on St. John.

So, I'll see you in Indio, kids!

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